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200 Social Bookmarks


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What is bookmarking?

social bookmarkingA bookmark may be a saved shortcut that directs your browser to a selected webpage. It stores the title, URL, and page Link. Saving bookmarks allows you to simply access your favorite locations on the online. Social Bookmarking a Method for store your Link.

What is Social Bookmarking and the way does it work?

Social bookmarking may be a way for people to store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of sites. Users save links to sites that they like or want to share, employing a social bookmarking site to store these links. Examples of social bookmarking sites include and

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking may be a method to store, explore, organize, edit, and manage bookmarks of an internet page you would like to use within the future. Now, SEO folks and webmasters do social bookmarking sites to make high-quality backlinks to their sites

Why you want to Use Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Social Bookmarking is straightforward & effective and helps you to not only improve your site’s traffic but also provides you with the chance to form your content go viral and helps you to accumulate quality backlinks from authority sites.

The below-mentioned list consists of some top reasons on why Social:


social bookmarking sitesSince it’s highly unlikely that customers would discover your website on their own, creating a profile for your business on top social bookmarking sites will help potential customers find your business or service with ease.

Also, the more you utilize social bookmarking sites for posting your content, the more visibility your site will get, leading to more people being keen on exploring your website, resulting in brand awareness and increased ROI.


While there’s tons of stuff that you simply can do through outreach and social media strategies when it involves content promotion, social bookmarking sites are still an efficient way through which you’ll quickly reach your audience & promote your business, product or service.

By posting content regularly on these sites, you’re not only ready to build a solid network for your business but also are ready to generate more traffic especially, targeted traffic.


Since social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites, program spiders or web crawlers visit these sites almost continuously and thus, by placing your site’s link on them, you’re ready to inform Google quickly about any new content on your site, resulting in faster indexing of your sites.

What’s more, faster indexing of sites also makes your site user-friendly, resulting in a far better user experience, leading to more profit.


One of the simplest features of Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon or Reddit is that you simply can find content supported by a tag or a keyword. for instance, if you’re curious about “Travel”, you’ll just type within the word “Travel” within the search bar and it’ll provide you with an inventory of web sites.

From the SEO perspective, this might be helpful as you’ll add multiple tags or keywords to your link, supported what categories it fits into. And this, in turn, will make sure that only people that have an interest in what you’re sharing will click on your link, thereby reducing the bounce rate.


One of the foremost important aspects of social bookmarking sites is that it makes for an excellent place to virally promote your content or business. And since lead generation is a crucial part of doing business, using this social platform will assist you to garner more qualified leads, as people are always on the lookout for brand spanking new offerings or curious about the content to teach themselves.

Additionally, as these sites allow you to interact together with your customers, the very fact applies that a lead is often eventually converted into a revenue-generating customer, thereby increasing your sales.


The more interesting stuff you post on these bookmarking sites, the higher your chances become of acquiring valuable traffic and if readers find your content useful, they’re quite likely to subscribe to your blog, leading to high-quality traffic.

Also, once you continuously post quality content that’s interesting & helpful, your links get more visibility and readers are likely to ascertain your business as a reputable brand that they will trust, resulting in increased brand loyalty, and a better number of direct sales.


In SEO, Domain Authority is vital, but improving a site’s Domain Authority isn’t a simple task. Since it’s supported many factors like site’s page speed, download time, Moz Rank, user experience, traffic, social signals, backlink metrics, etc, it requires tons of your time to create one.

However, as search engines provide a lot of importance to high authority sites, submitting your links or content on social bookmarking sites, will assist you to urge link juice (backlinks) from diverse authority sites, which can reciprocally improve your domain authority.

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